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A few things I’ve noticed about my simplicity journey

Yesterday I noticed that the sun is setting earlier. This morning, I walked my usual route to the train station and noticed that the sun was rising earlier. Something sunk in: January is almost over. Once February is done, we’ll welcome autumn and then my least favourite season: winter.

This got me thinking about my…wait for it…over thinking.

I know I’m on a journey to own less and it’s a big part of why I started this blog. In this post, I discuss how I was able to complete my Summer wardrobe at Target. As with most material pursuits, the initial high of finally completing my wardrobe waned. I found I was starting to think of what items I’d rather have.

And then, all of a sudden, I reminded myself: what happened to finally having what you need, as opposed to want?

Maybe I’m ‘worried’ my clothes aren’t cool? I’ve always been told I have nice legs, but the older I get, the more I feel comfortable not showing them off. Now that I shop for length, my style is a lot more ‘daggy’ then it used to be. Sometimes I find myself thinking if I had bought this item instead of this other long item, then my wardrobe would be better. Silly, eh? Waste of time, right?

Anyhow, I eventually started to reflect over my habits. Despite the above, I’ve changed. I’ve been able to recognise that February will, as months do, end. I thought – “Wow, knowing me, as soon as Autumn hits, I’ll be looking at stuff to buy (not to blog about, but actually buy), and then once I feel everything’s complete, I’ll probably keep looking.”

What did I take out of this?

Well, I feel like I’m often on the search for the next thing, even though I’ve intentionally embarked on this journey. May of this year will commemorate 2 years since I decided to go on this journey, and June will be the anniversary of when I actually commenced it.

Owning what I need is helping me pay off my mortgage quicker, go on ‘mini-vacays’ throughout the year, clean a lot less and generally, feel less frazzled. I actually get more out of life when I ‘have less’. I guess it’s best I keep reminding myself about that!

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  • Makeup Muddle

    Great post! I’m a nightmare for overthinking, and I feel like I over think the overthinking. It’s a vicious circle for sure! I really want to pay off more of my mortgage this year, it’s one of my goals for 2020, good luck with yours lovely xo

    Makeup Muddle

  • Logan

    I’ve struggled with this so much! I’ve been really trying to buy only basics that I know I can wear again and again. It’s sometimes so hard not to buy something that is “cute” or “for the moment”, especially because I work for a clothing company!

    xo Logan

    • matija

      Oh gosh that would be hard working for a clothing company, especially with new stock coming in every fortnight or month.
      It’s an ongoing struggle, but I guess the struggle is only as bad as we allow it to be!


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