Welcome to Matija’s Corner!

My name is Matija (pronounced Mah-ti-yah) and this blog is my little corner of the world where I share my wellness and simplicity goals, and my love for fashion and style.

My mission for my blog is to be a place where I share realistic and honest information about what it takes for me to be healthy, and enjoy fashion and style in a way that aligns with my simplicity goals.

I’m not an influencer: I work full time and have the responsibilities of a home owner. It’s taken time to figure out what works for my lifestyle, and I want to share my journey in the hope that it may inspire others.


Below is a summary of the three key areas of my blog!

Here's a photo of me!


I have a history of over-eating and I used to eat a lot of junk food. I sustained a chronic foot injury in April of 2016 and can’t really exercise. Ever since, I can’t eat like I used to and my gut is very sensitive from trying to. Although the injury is slowly improving, I’ve had to change my eating habits and my lifestyle to ensure I’m regular, have energy and feel good.


On the 1st of June, 2018, my best friend Cassie and I did a challenge where we didn’t buy any clothes for 100 days. This may not seem like a lot to some, but it was for us seasoned shoppers.

My main motivation to do this was to declutter my surroundings.

My wardrobe was the biggest cause of clutter when I lived at my parent’s place, and I was mindlessly adding to the pile. I wanted to do a stock-take of what I already had, get rid of anything I didn’t need anymore, and refine my wardrobe to items I actually wore.

During the challenge I was shocked, and slightly ashamed, of the amount of clothes I had acquired and forgot about. Suffice to say, this had a profound impact on the way I now live my life. In this blog, I share how I consistently strive to simplify my surroundings and create a clutter free life, and the many benefits of doing this.


I love fashion and home décor, but I’m incredibly mindful about my purchases. I’m also a large proponent of dressing for your body type, not trends! As such, I’m trying to enjoy fashion but limit my purchases to what I need.

I hope you enjoy reading Matija’s Corner just as much as I enjoy writing and working on my little corner of the world!


Matija x




Where is your name from?

My name is from Croatia (where my family is from).

Why is your name so hard to pronounce?

It’s quite simple: the Croatian alphabet is different phonetically to the English alphabet, so most people don’t say it properly because they don’t know the Croatian alphabet!

How tall are you?

I’m 5″9 (almost 5″10)

What foot injury do you have?

I have an inflamed nerve and bursa in my right foot.

Does anything help your foot injury?

Wearing sports sneakers with custom orthotics, stretching, eating less sugar and limiting walking helps the most.