Fashion rules I live by

I’ve developed a few fashion rules that have made me feel good about most of the clothes in my wardrobe. It’s also reduced the amount of time I take to get dressed in the morning. This is pretty amazing as when I had too many clothes, I spent too long figuring out what to wear (isn’t it funny when too much to choose from isn’t always a good thing?).

The fashion rules I live by really came to light when I began my simplicity journey, which in-turn ensures I own just what I need. I hope you enjoy reading these rules and I’d love to know if you have any of your own?

Fashion Rule 1: I dress for my body type

I’m very familiar with my body type and I know there are certain clothes and cuts that just don’t work for me! For example, I have a relatively long torso, so ‘shorter’ t-shirts and crop tops do me no favours. Or I’m more likely to pull of a crop top if I wear it with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

I’m tall and playsuits aren’t long enough, so they ride up in all the wrong places. 

I really like accordion pleat skirts, but I look like I’m wearing my old Catholic school girl uniform when I wear one. There’s more examples, but you probably get the idea!

Amy Jackson from 'Fashion Jackson' absolutely rocking the accordion pleat skirt.

The silver lining

On the flip side, I’m well aware of what works for me.

This means the items I do have in my wardrobe aren’t always ‘on trend’, but that’s better than buying stuff that ends up collecting dust.

This is great as I don’t spend too much time in the morning deliberating whether I think something looks decent or not. I feel like I’ve eliminated the guesswork and it’s eliminated a lot of stress in the morning.

Fashion Rule 2: Comfort comes first

Comfort plays a big role in how I dress. There are many clothes that I don’t find comfortable to wear, so I’m trying to stop buying them.

Jeans are one example. They press against my stomach and feel so constricting. I also feel as if they accentuate all the wrong areas. This means you’re more likely to see me in a dress and stockings in winter, or you’ll rarely see me in jeans and a ‘nice shirt’. 

Length matters

The older I get, the less I like to wear shorter clothes, so I don’t purchase these as much because I’ll only wear them on the weekend. There’s no point in purchasing too many weekend clothes as they become less economical from a ‘cost per wear’ point of view. And chances are I’ll forget I own them and then feel bad for purchasing them in the first place. 

Goodbye tight clothes

I also don’t like wearing tight clothes as frequently as I used to. I feel they restrict my movement and are just not comfortable. If I’m bloated from a few days of eating bad, they make my bloating worse. 

Me 6 years ago, when short and tight was my normal. These days you won't catch me in a similar outfit!

Fashion Rule 3: Price and brands don’t matter

I have a ‘confession’: my desire to buy designer clothes was never really strong but I used to think about potential purchases a lot. In hindsight, that was silly as I was never going to buy the stuff.

I also thought that you had to wear expensive clothes and accessories to make a statement. Nowadays, I think the total opposite. I even think it’s silly that I used to think the way I did. 

I do like to keep somewhat up to date with the latest catwalk and instagram trends for one reason:

Most affordable brands will quickly replicate the hottest looks, so you don’t really need to spend a lot to make them your reality.

As I take care of my clothes, my affordable fast fashion purchases last long. 

I’ve also noticed that if you have a natural ability to put things together, then you’ll probably look more ‘put together’ than someone who spends too much on the wrong fashion decisions, or expensive items that everyone’s wearing. 

A recent photo of me wearing a $25 dress from Big W!

I’d really like to know if you’ve got any fashion rules that you live by? Have you always followed them? If not, what made you get to the place you’re at now?

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