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How my wedding makeup trial made me change my skin care routine

It’s almost my one year wedding anniversary and as I sit in self-isolation, I thought why not write about how my wedding makeup trial made me change my skin care routine. I mean, it’s either that or scroll through my phone.

My routine before I got married

I’ve always had a really relaxed approach to skincare. I was born with Rosacea and my cheeks are literally a large web of broken capillaries. So, my skin is pretty sensitive and I was too scared to try new things. Furthermore, I couldn’t be bothered going through the trial and error process of figuring out what works. Not only is that time consuming, but it can get expensive. Finally, maybe deep down I was just too lazy?

Before I got married, I only ever used Rosehip oil to moisturise my face. Sometimes I’d apply sunscreen on top but considering how prone I am to acquiring freckles, I still don’t use it often enough.

As for washing my face, I would use water in the morning, and QV face wash to wash my makeup and/or sunscreen off at night.

That was literally it. But then I had my makeup trial.

QV face cleanser

My makeup trial

I had my wedding makeup trial a little less than a month before my wedding. I chose to do it this ‘far’ out incase the fake tan I got was super dodgy and I needed time for it to fade.

Interestingly, I was anticipating a dodgy fake tan because I couldn’t get one from my usual fake tan lady. It turns out that I was right to be fearful of this: the tan came out really dark and as I’m pale, I looked orange.

The look I wanted

I wanted a glamorous look, but not Kardashian glamour, for a few reasons. My dress wasn’t simple, but it wasn’t over the top, and I felt I needed my makeup to stand out for it to elevate my dress a little. I wanted to look like a bride! Another reason reason was that I wanted it to stand out in photos.

Some would say my bridal party was ‘large’ (we had 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen), others would say its ‘average’. Whatever you think it is, our group photos would have to be taken from afar and I still wanted my makeup to ‘pop’.

My makeup artist

My best friend recommended I try out makeup artist Kathryn Sambo for my wedding. I asked her to do my makeup for a wedding I attended as a guest and was really happy with the results, so I locked her in.


The look Kathryn did for a wedding I went to as a guest

The makeup trial

During my trial Kathryn pointed out my skin was really dry.

Boy was she right! The trial finished before 10AM and by the time it was 4PM, it held up well but my face hurt. Yes, my skin was that dry that it couldn’t handle the amount of product on my face.

I really wanted to continue wearing the look until bed time, but it was just too painful, so I washed it all off.

This was the moment I realised I had to add more products to my skin care routine.


The final makeup trial look

The research phase

I was looking for some other things to use with my Rosehip oil: a hydrating eye cream and a thick facial moisturiser. These had to be affordable and easily accessible.

My first port of call for research was the internet. I started watching a lot of Vogue’s videos where models and celebs share their skincare routines. Although this was really insightful, it wasn’t relatable. Their routines took too long and in many cases, the sum of all the products cost about my weekly salary. To extend on that, they’re also paid to look a certain way – I was just trying to hydrate my skin a bit more.

Testing products

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to Priceline and Chemist Warehouse to ‘test’ some products. By testing, I meant applying tester to my hands and seeing if the product felt heavy. If the solution was too light, I knew it wouldn’t seep into my skin and hydrate.

The products I chose

Eye cream

I chose the NATIO Renew Radiance Eye Cream because it met my criteria. It’s normally $19.95, but I’m pretty sure it happened to be on sale then. (Side note: I think it’s technically an anti-ageing product but I didn’t buy it because of that.)

Face cream

The RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream met my criteria. This is also normally $19.95.

natio eye cream
Rosehip plus

My skin care routine

In the lead up to my wedding I was very diligent with using my normal Rosehip Oil, the eye cream and the new face cream twice a day. On my wedding day I applied a few more layers than usual and even my makeup artist said my skin looked fantastic.

wedding makeup

The final look!

Okay so I uploaded a few photos and they’re not uploading in high resolution! Here’s one for now!

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