healthy lentil salad for christmas

How I maintained my wellness goals during the Christmas break

I set a few goals to be mindful about my food choices during the Christmas period. This was essential as in November/December 2018 and early January 2019, I made a few choices that didn’t align with my wellness goals and made me feel incredibly sick. I’m not over exaggerating: at one point I felt I had ate my way to gastro.

In this post I discuss how I managed not to experience the same fate during this holiday period.

Mental reminders

For me, holiday festivities tend to start around mid-November. The amount of events and gatherings I get invited to increase, and so does the opportunity to eat!

Last year, as this period approached, I kept reminding myself of what I had to do to avoid suffering a similar fate to the 2018 festive season. I have touched on this before, but in a nutshell, I became incredibly lazy with meal prep in November and December 2018, and I didn’t ‘move around’ much.

This holiday period was different: I reminded myself of the importance of preparing my meals in advance. I constantly reminded myself of the benefits of doing so:

  • Preparing my meals from scratch allows me to eat more fibre and real foods that make me feel good
  • Eating real food when I can will help me enjoy ‘festive food’
  • Eating healthy food will help keep me regular and reduce my reliance on Movicol

Meal prep during the Christmas holidays

I knew I was going to have a lot of delicious yet nutritionally void foods during the break. I had the usual Christmas Day, Boxing Day, NYE celebrations, and a wedding and a few birthdays to celebrate on top.

I felt it was crucial that I prepared fibre rich food to eat when I wasn’t eating out or at someone’s house. I made sure I had enough vegetables on hand to make healthy salads, and I made this lentil salad a few times.

I was drawn to this recipe for a few reasons. I really like Lentils and they are very high in fibre. They also contribute to your daily vegetable count! The ingredients in the recipe are affordable and available at any supermarket. The recipe is also easy to make and it’s all natural.

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Eating well whenever I could really helped prepare my stomach for all the unhealthy stuff. It’s definitely something I plan on doing for every holiday period.

I did go a bit overboard on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This meant I had to take Movicol for a few days, but overall I’m proud of how I went. It just goes to show that by being mindful and preparing food and snacks in advance can keep you on the right path!

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