ena pelly leather jackets

Real leather jackets for every budget

Leather jackets are a quintessential wardrobe staple. They go with most things and I’ve said this in previous posts, and I’ll say it again: they’re so easy to throw on and look stylish without trying.

Over the years I’ve only ever bought faux ones, which I always end up chucking out because the faux part starts to ‘shed’. The sad part is that when I do chuck the jacket out, it still fits perfectly.

So, I’ve decided my next leather jacket has to be a real leather one. Yes, these are more expensive, but I figure it’s probably better for my wardrobe and the environment if I buy something that will last.

After doing some research pre-quarantine and online during self isolation, I’ve found that you can find a leather jacket for anywhere between $250-$600. This may be a large initial ‘outlay’ to some, but I feel that from a cost per wear point of view, it’s pretty affordable.

Leather jackets under $300

real leather jackets

Leather jackets $300-$500

witchery leather jacket

Left: Decjuba Cory Collarless Leather Jacket in black $399.95 | Right: Witchery Leather Biker in black $499.95

Leather jackets under $600

These two are From Australian Brand Ena Pelly. I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m a lazy blogger by showcasing two leather jackets from the same brand, but these jackets are thick and so well made! If you want to experience this for yourself, go to one of the main David Jone’s stores.

ena pelly leather jackets

Left (and my personal favourite that I’ve featured a few times on Matija’s Corner): Ena Pelly Essential Biker Jacket – Black/Silver $549 | Right: Ena Pelly Classic Biker Jacket – Black/Silver $599

I haven’t included any from ASOS, but they do have good ones. The reason why is because their return policy is quite short compared to other brands and I know a lot of people stress when they have to wait for an expensive return to be processed.

Anyhow, do you own a real leather jacket? Where did you get it and how long have you had it for?

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