oroton and witchery bag on sale

Sale items that caught my eye

I’ve been making use of the air conditioning at the shops during the Christmas break (lol!), and have found a few items that caught my attention. I’ve also been browsing a bit online to see if there’s anything worthwhile. This post is a small compilation of some of the things that stood out to me!

oroton and witchery bag on sale

Oroton bags on sale

Oroton is an Australian brand that has been around since 1938. The popularity of the brand has declined in recent years, probably due to online shopping and a stronger Australian dollar. Nowadays, the Gucci Soho Disco bag or YSL camera bags are more common day bags.

Over the years, I’ve bought a few items from Oroton, and I’m extremely impressed with how long the products last. They are also an affordable option for real leather, especially when on sale, which is why I keep coming back. Even though I can afford it, I don’t see the point of spending too much on handbags…I’ll just admire my friends purchases!

Oroton Venture Chain Cross body bag

Originally $269.00 now $188.30 + an extra 20% off at checkout bringing the bag to $150.64! That’s pretty good for something that’s real leather, don’t ya think? As well as being available in Stone, the bag is also comes in Almond, which is the same price.

oroton casual bag on sale

Witchery on sale

Witchery is perfect for everyday chic and special occasions, like a Kitchen Tea or Bridal shower. The two tops below caught my eye, especially as I would love to wear them with my black faux leather mini skirt and stockings in winter.

pink witchery top on sale
witchery top on sale

Left: Witchery Button Through Raglan Originally $119.95 now $49.95

Above Witchery Print drape shirt Originally $119.95 now $49.95

So yes, I haven’t listed much, but I’m on a mission to own less! I didn’t buy any of the above. The Oroton bag was tempting, but I just bought a day bag. My new day bag isn’t real leather, but I’ll replace it when it needs to be replaced. I need new winter clothes, and I really want a fuchsia top, but it’s Summer in Australia, so I’d rather live in the moment.

Have you grabbed a bargain during these sales?

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