Simplicity goals and Covid-19

Like most of the world, my life has changed since COVID-19. I now have to work from home and I rarely leave the house. It has been an adjustment, and I feel I’m still adjusting, but it’s made me realise something positive about my simplicity journey.

Decluttering in COVID-19

I’ve seen countless memes about decluttering during COVID-19 – that now is the perfect time to get your home in order. It is true – when have we ever had so much time to stay home?

In the early stages of ‘self-isolation’, I streamlined my wardrobe, washed my makeup brushes, organised my jewellery and chucked out some old things I don’t need anymore.

As isolating continued, I realised one thing: other than my initial decluttering session, I don’t have much more to do. I’ve already reduced my belongings to what I need.

So now I find I don’t have decluttering projects as big as others. Yes it means I have less to do but I’d be thanking myself if COVID-19 wasn’t our reality.

I’m not buying much

A lot of the Instagrammers I follow are buying a lot of clothes during COVID-19.

I’m refraining from doing this as I don’t need the stuff right now. I’m happy to wear my ‘bumming around’ clothes and will shop when this situations eases. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not looking online for new stock! This is helping with my creativity!

How are you dealing with staying home? Have you done a lot of decluttering?


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