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Spend or Save May 2020 edition

It’s almost Winter in Australia, so I figured it’s time to do another edition of Spend or Save! As always, I’ve hunted down some budget friendly alternatives to these winter items. Enjoy!

Spend at Sussan or Save at Kmart

Personally, I love both the Sussan and Kmart options, but the Kmart one’s are proof that you don’t need to spend a lot to achieve a certain look.

kmart coatigan

Spend at Zara or Save at Best and Less

best and less comparison

Left: Zara High Neck Sweater in Lilac $59.95 | Right: Best&Less Womens Chunky Knit Pullover $30

Spend at Zara or Save at Kmart

This Kmart cardigan has been available for a few months and it’s still popular! I did do a Country Road comparison to it in my April spend or save blog post, if you’d like to check it out!

zara and kmart comparison

I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t buy this Kmart dress because I’ve seen it all over Instagram and you can honestly wear it a million different ways! I’ve featured it in my ‘How to style a Kmart Denim Jacket’ post and a few Instagram posts, if you’d like to check either out!

kmart winter dress

I used to always shop at Zara but as I’ve entered my 30’s, I find I don’t feel comfortable wearing the dresses I normally gravitate towards because they make them too short!

I’ve blogged about this Kmart dress before, and I own it! It honestly reminds me of something you would find at Zara, but the Kmart version is a lot more affordable and a great length for a tall chick like me!

kmart dress

These two dresses from Zara also remind me of the Kmart dress. They’re not really a direct comparison but they do highlight how you can get similar prints at a more affordable price point at Kmart.

zara and kmart dress comparison

Left: Zara printed midi dress $45.95 | Right: Zara Printed dress $99

kmart dress

Spend at Marks and Spencer or Save at Kmart

marks and spencer and kmart

Spend at Belle & Bloom or Save at Kmart

This Belle & Bloom jacket came up in my sponsored newsfeed and it immediately made me think of the Kmart longline coat!

the iconic and kmart

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