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Spend or save self isolation edition

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I’ve shared a few stories stating that I am reluctant to buy clothes right now.

Firstly, shopping has been limited to the essentials, so I can’t try on clothes. Secondly, I have a very low success rate with online shopping so I cannot be bothered with returns. Thirdly, I don’t see the point in buying clothes right now if I’m not sure when I’ll get to wear them. I can definitely make do with what I have.

I was very reluctant to do a Spend or Save post for March or April because shopping isn’t a priority for a lot of people. But…I will say one thing – I’ve been craving creative inspiration, and as I sit cooped up at home, I’ve realised that Spend or Save brings is a creative outlet!

So, I’ve put together a few Spend of Save options. I will say – I’ve had to resort to Instagram to get photos of new stock because Big W haven’t been updating their website lately!

Spend at Sheike and Lover or save at Big W

As you all know by now, I love Big W dresses!

I saw Kristen Eramiha wear this dress on her Instagram page and checked the Big W website for about two weeks before I gave up on them uploading it (okay, I’m still slightly hoping they will).

Anyhow, this Big W dress is the perfect cost-effective alternative to the more expensive paisley print options shown below!

big w dress comparison

Left: Sheike Bella Paisley Dress $159.95 | Middle: Lover Paisley Park Mini Dress $276.50 (was $395) | Right: Big W Paisley Dress $30 (I think it’s $30 or $29)

Spend at Myer or save at Big W

I have a confession to make: I’ve tried on this Big W dress. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I was so upset that the size 8 was just a little too small, but the 10 was way too big! Alas – it just wasn’t meant to be! But this doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. Dani from the Instagram account @luxeandlemonade rocks the Big W dress so well!

another big w dress comparison

Left: Myer Long Sleeve Scattered Pebble Dress $129.95 | Right: Big W dress $30

Spend at Witchery or save at Target

This is a perfect cost-effective alternative to a classic black cardigan!

spend at witchery or save at target

Left: Witchery Fine Collar Cardigan in black $99.95 | Right: Target Cocoon Cardigan in black $39 

Spend at Country Road or save at Bershka

spend at country road

Left: Country Road Twist Knot mini dress in Lime Green $179 | Right: Bershka leopard print smock dress in yellow $52.00

Spend at Glamorous or save at Kmart

Okay this isn’t an extraordinary price difference, but the Glamorous dress made me think of this Kmart one!

kmart dress

Spend at Country Road or save at Kmart

country road and kmart cardigan

Left: Country Road Soft Cardigan in Princess Blue $139 | Right: Kmart Ribbed Button Cardigan in dusty blue $25.00

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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