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Did you know that most fast fashion brands seek inspiration from high-end brands? This allows every-day people like me to purchase on-trend pieces at affordable prices! In this post I’ve shared some cost-effective alternatives to some expensive items. All prices are in AUD unless otherwise specified.

Spend at Zimmermann or save at Kmart

Zimmermann is one of Australia’s greatest fashion exports and it’s easy to see why. They just do effortless chic so well and their pieces are so nice to look at! But I have to say, I prefer Kmart’s rendition of the classic shirt dress.

Spend at Sportsgirl or save at Cotton On

When it comes to Aussie fashion, you cannot go wrong with Sportsgirl and Cotton On. Sportsgirl is a little more pricey, so you can choose to save a few bucks at Cotton On.

Spend at Ulla Johnson or save at Target

To me, Ulla Johnson is America’s answer to Zimmermann. It’s very expensive but you can get the below look for a lot less at Target!

Spend at Witchery or save at Kmart

Witchery have great basics but the prices aren’t always so cost effective.

Spend at Spell and The Gypsy Collective or save at Seed and Dotti

Spend at Zimmermann or save at Portmans

Spend at Spell and The Gypsy Collective or save at Cotton On

Over the years I’ve noticed that unless someone is into fashion, they won’t know if you’re wearing a designer dress or something from a chain store. Do you like to look for budget friendly alternatives to high end or expensive pieces?

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