A photo of me wearing my new Target Dress

I didn’t expect to complete my summer wardrobe at Target

I have a confession to make: I used to buy clothes at Target, but gave up on it…until recently.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know I’m on a journey to own just what I need. My wardrobe is a big area I have worked on, but recently, I felt I needed 1-2 more dresses and a dark denim jacket to get me through until Autumn.

I was eyeing a few dresses from Zara, but every time I went there, they were never available in my size. I don’t like to shop online and as Zara has temperamental sizing, I wasn’t ready to make an exception. Anyhow, I ended up buying clothes from the last place I expected: Target!

Target denim jacket

I used to own a dark denim and a light denim jacket. They were perfect for Summer and transitional weather. The dark one became too small and I lost the light one on my hens weekend (lol). I’d bought a new light one from Kmart, but never got round to replacing the dark denim one. It felt like they were everywhere when I wasn’t looking, but nowhere to be seen when I started searching. I stumbled across this denim jacket at Target on Saturday. It was only $39, so I decided to get it.

I like it so much that I wore it to work all week!

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Target Dresses

I used to wear black all the time but stopped when my dad asked me if I was going to a funeral, which was his way of saying I always wear black (don’t you just love how blunt parents can be haha). Over the years I’ve figured out that I actually like to wear colour, and that certain colours suit me. In saying that, I also like to have one or two simple black dresses on hand that can act as a blank canvas.

I felt I needed some mustard yellow in my wardrobe, and a simple black summer dress. Target delivered, and here’s what I got!

Target Tie Waist Dress in Ochre Yellow Flora

I’d previously tried on this dress in the ‘Blue Tile Print’, but the print just wasn’t me. But this print was different! I knew I just had to have it! I was fortunate to go to Target a few days later and purchase it.

Below is a lift selfie of me wearing it this week at work! This dress can be dressed up with tanned sandals and gold jewellery, or down with sneakers and a casual day bag.

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Admittedly, I did size-up. I’m quite tall and I find it difficult finding dresses that sit just above the knee, and going up a size allowed this. It is a bit too big around the bust, but the dress is only $30, so I can’t complain!

Lily Loves Midi Slip Dress in Black

I blogged about this dress in this post and ended up buying it for myself. Australian summers are very hot, so this dress is perfect for those times when you want to wear something casual, but a little dressy. It’s also perfect for when you do want to dress up. Unfortunately I don’t have a full body shot of me wearing it, so the picture on the right will have to do!.

[vc_single_image image=”1029″ img_size=”large”]

The Target jacket I really liked, but don’t need

It’s quite hard to find a nice, yet casual, white blazer. This beautiful linen blazer looked great on me, but I only have about 3 items in my wardrobe that match it, so I couldn’t justify buying it. Prior to my simplicity journey, I probably would’ve just bought it and yet it yellow in my wardrobe (lol).

[vc_single_image image=”1031″ img_size=”large”]

At one point I’d given up on Target, but my faith has been restored. If you need new and affordable clothes, I definitely recommend you give them a go!

I’d love to know, do you shop at Target?

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